Craigslist Scam

Communication I had with a Craigslist Scammer

These guys are relentless.

+Captain McJohn: Apple Ipad 1 16gb JailBroken EXCELLENT CONDITION – $180 Hi, Im interested in buying it,kindly text me if you still have it available for sale. 11:43 PM
Me: Yeah I still have it11:43 PM
+Captain McJohn: Ok.. How much is your last asking price.. I hope its in a good shape and a good working condition ? 12:37 AM
Me: It is. $180 12:42 AM
+Captain McJohn: Ok I’m willing to buy at that price… What’s ur name and where are you located ? 12:54 AM
Me: JD Sioux City 12:55 AM
+Captain McJohn: Ok I would like to buy for my pastor who is overseas….and i will pay for shipping of $75 12:56 AM
Me: Can we just meet and you ship it to your pastor?12:56 AM
+Captain McJohn: i am a cruise ship captain in missouri and currently on the ship.
Me: OK send payment to ********* 12:57 AM
+Captain McJohn: Good morning JD, how are you doing? im sure you had a pleasant night rest with sweet dream… i know it is too early to text you… Yes i want you o know that i can make the payment now via paypal is you give me the go ahead and you will asure me you will ship the items to my pastor immediately you get the payment confirmation. get back to me immediately. 6:52 AM
Me: Make it quick. 7:34 AM
+Captain McJohn: Ok good… send me money request to 180 + 75 shipping fee ok. please do that now… 7:43 AM
Me: My paypal address is ********* Please send it to me as a gift. 7:44 AM
+Captain McJohn: Ok… what is your full name? 7:54 AM
+Captain McJohn: JD…i made the payment… now i will like you to help me include a birthday card along with the item.. i need you to go drop it at the post and make sure it is shiped via usps postal service… ems..ok get back to me immediately. 10:43 AM

When I went to the local grocery store I found a nice birthday card with Obama on the front.  I took a picture with my phone and emailed Captain McJohn. (I never could quite get over the name he used)

Me: It is not in my paypal account 11:29 AM
+Captain McJohn: JD.. I’ve been busy with work, I did make the payment and I need you to check in your email to see if the payment confirmation is there first.. Get back to me immediately. 4:47 PM
Me: I checked paypal and it was not there 4:47 PM
+Captain McJohn: Yea see paypal terms and condition policy… You will email paypal proof of shipment to finally have the funds remitt in your account for withdrawer ok… 5:12 PM
Me: I’ve always received my money first before this something new with PayPal? 5:41 PM
+Captain McJohn: Yea… its a selected function… 6:49 PM
Me: Im embarrassed to say this but i don’t have enough money to pay for shipping 6:52 PM
Me: I just moved here for a new job and it cost me everything to move. I dont get paid for two more weeks 6:54 PM
+Captain McJohn: oh… if you send it via usps.. its should take less 6:55 PM
Me: That is why im selling my ipad. So i can buy groceries 6:55 PM
Me: I have no money to pay for shipping. If you can release the $85 for shipping i can pay for shipping with my paypal debit card 6:56 PM
Me: Once you do that ill send tracking right away. Let me k ow soon usps closes in 10 minutes 6:57 PM
+Captain McJohn: oh … you can lend from someone so immediately you sent paypal the tracking number the money will immediately remit in your account and you can access and withdraw it in mins ok. 6:58 PM
Me: I just moved here i dont know anyone here 6:58 PM
+Captain McJohn: oh… 7:00 PM
Me: Im sorry i just dont have enough money to ship it. 7:00 PM
Me: Im sorry for wasting your time 7:01 PM
+Captain McJohn: no ur not wasting my time…. but i already make payment to you and the money as been deduct from my account 7:03 PM
Me: But it is not in my paypal account so it does not help me 7:04 PM
+Captain McJohn: yea… paypal will need the proof of shipment, i have been cheated before that why i ask paypal for safe security, someone people will gat the money in their account directly and they will not ship, thats why 7:09 PM
Me: I completely understand. I just spoke to USPS and they said it would cost $38.89 for me to ship it to you. If you can release that amound I can ship it 7:11 PM
Me: Hopefully paypal will refund your money in a few days. I hope you find an Ipad as nice as mine :) 7:14 PM
+Captain McJohn: ok i have an idea…. visit.. and register on there and a card will be delivered to you, i can immediately put money on it for you wethin mins… is that ok 7:19 PM
Me: sure 7:20 PM
+Captain McJohn: ok…i need you to register both site now and let me know when you are done…. what do you do for a living? 7:24 PM
Me: I just made an account at not sure what it is though. 7:24 PM
+Captain McJohn: ok good… a card will be delivered to your address.. and i hope you did put your correct details? 7:25 PM
+Captain McJohn: You really sound like a honest person and im trusting you over this and with my money..ok 7:26 PM
Me: I did. But there is still no money in there 7:27 PM
Me: How do you put money in there 7:28 PM
+Captain McJohn: a card will be sent you you by weekend ok and once the card comes i will immediately put money on it…by monday we’ll be done and you can go ship it then…ok 7:29 PM
Me: ok. I’ll remove the ad from craigslist. 7:30 PM
+Captain McJohn: ok good.. God bless you 7:31 PM
Me: what is your email address and i’ll send the request to you. 7:32 PM
+Captain McJohn:…. what do you do for a living, we’re getting to know each other as good friends, Im 53yrs and i gat 2 wonderful sons.. i have worked on Cunard Line Cruiser 21yrs and i say thanks to God for all i have archive so far.. 7:37 PM
Me: I just started a new job at jolly time popcorn in sioux city. I’m 20 and very poor hahahahah. Thats why i moved here. I’m single and have no children 7:38 PM
Me: You have been so understanding. I really appreciate your patience with me. This move was very stressful and I thank you so much for buying my ipad. 7:40 PM
+Captain McJohn: Oh ok… dont worry.. we have met for a purpose and if you are good to me, I will take you as a son and as a good friend and you can always talk to me on anything ok.. did you register the yet? 7:40 PM
Me: I just sent the request for $40 for the shipping. After i get it shipped out will paypal release the funds for the remainder? 7:40 PM
+Captain McJohn: ok… i will send you the 40 and still make you have all of the money Ok… 7:41 PM
Me: You are truly a wonderful person. Thank you so much. 7:42 PM
Me: why do i need to sign up for gopayment. once sends me the card i can go to usps and pay for the shipping. 7:43 PM
+Captain McJohn: Its ok…I’m just a regular man who is trying to get eternal life and who’s waiting for Jesus to return.I’m not a materialistic individual or vain.I respect this world as I know it,realizing that I’m called to be a citizen in the kingdom to come and i take everyone serious and help does that i can.. 7:46 PM
Me: You truly are sir. Thank you. 7:47 PM
Me: I have already taped it up in the box ready for shipping. 7:49 PM
Me: Is this the correct address Daniel Balogun 57, Ayilara Street Surulere Ijeshatedo, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 7:49 PM
Me: Your pastor is going to be so pleased. I’ve really taken great care of this ipad. 7:49 PM
+Captain McJohn: did you register the yet? 7:49 PM
Me: I’m headed to bed. I’ll talk to you as soon I receive the card. 7:50 PM
Me: I did not see why i needed to register with 7:50 PM
Me: is sending me a card in the mail. Once i receive the card i can use it to pay for shipping. 7:51 PM
+Captain McJohn: Ok good. do have a lovely day and a sweet dreams.. God guide and protect you. have a wonderful night. 7:51 PM
+Captain McJohn: yea… but i think the card comes quick, just register on there… i can still ask you to go errands for me if you are willing and i will always pay for your service.. you seems to be a very good young man. 7:56 PM
Me: gopayment is just a card reader 7:57 PM
Me: Its not an actual card. I’d be happy to run some errands for you 7:58 PM
+Captain McJohn: Gopayment will also send you a card like serve does… been using it for a while and its so fast and wonderful, just register it there now ok… then go to sleep and we will talk more tomorrow. God bless you Jeremiah. sweet dreams.. 8:01 PM
Me: Thanks John, you to 8:01 PM
+Captain McJohn: Hello Jeremiah, how are you today.. im waiting to see the picture of the item and how its package.. also did the card come yet.. let me know. 2:30 PM
Me: Mail came but the Card was not there. I still have the ipad packaged up. I’ll get a picture of it soon 2:32 PM
+Captain McJohn: did the mail came from 2:32 PM
Me: No 2:32 PM
Me: I’m still waiting for it 2:32 PM
+Captain McJohn: Ok… just let me know once it come ok. 2:35 PM
Me: Will do 2:57 PM
+Captain McJohn: How are you doing today? 12:04 PM
Me: Doing great and you? 12:08 PM
+Captain McJohn: Im fine… thank you. Hows work going so far… and how’s your day today… 12:10 PM
Me: Doing wonderful.we have the day off bcause of thanksgiving 12:11 PM
+Captain McJohnn: oh thats cool… i hope you are having enough rest and l hope you are enjoying yourself too… do you still have the card? 12:13 PM
Me: I do 12:14 PM
+Captain McJohn: Can we still do this… and if you gat the money will you give me my share..? will you be honest with me.. there are many more money i can put on the card if we can work fine together… its not scam ok.. is just that i gat a way i can put money on the card, but im not in the state to cash it. 12:18 PM
Me: I sent the request for funds but you never sent the money 12:26 PM

It ended here.  Captain McJohn never contacted me again.